Tae Parvit
28.04 - 17.06.2018

Following his previous solo shows, Awkward Relationship at JAM Café (2016) and Mnusychāti, at Speedy Grandma (2017), the new exhibition at BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY will feature a broad range of works from paintings and drawings to large-scale sculpture, animations and site-specific installation where recognizable objects and human figures in domestic scenes are the main subject portrayed. Impulsive and sentimental, his new sets of artworks continue to present emotions and feelings as well as perspectives of today’s generation through expressive brushstrokes, lines, colors and forms.

Parvit’s AFTERNOON PERSON reflects his ever-changing mood, day by day. Every studio-based works featured in the exhibition has its own narrative, a unique action that somehow links together. All elements featured in the artworks, being flower vases, potted plants or human forms in actions and interactions, were born out of safe and comfort, expressing his stream of consciousness, that certain moment when he creates these pieces. Both the front and the main galleries will showcase Parvit’s life and thoughts during the six-month period of his experimental workings on the show’s collection.

AFTERNOON PERSON comprises of narrations and human relations, told in full colors and mostly with unplanned compositions of figurative objects. “I like to draw the head first.” Parvit has said. “Then from there, I would just draw and manage within the canvas or paper space as I go on with the work. If there would be any errors in the process, I just ignored it and went with the flow.” With a spontaneity, his works communicate through accidentally beautiful images and characters where viewers are invited to freely feel, contemplate and comprehend his artworks in all ways possible as he has stated “It’s nice to hear what others think of my works. Sometimes they totally perceive something different from what I expressed in my artworks but that is fine. I like it when my artworks have a life of their own.”