Alex Face
21.12.2016 - 19.02.2017


ALIVE is a major solo exhibition by Alex Face, featuring more than 30 new artworks, including paintings, drawings and large scale sculptures of his iconic three-eyed character. Audiences are invited into Alex Face’s painted world, where this famed disillusioned child is lost in a water lily pond. Water lilies can only grow in still water, and the child finds itself floating in this seemingly peaceful stillness. Alex Face views this surrounding as a state of being, one that is assumed by many living under Thailand’s current political situation. When referring to what he wishes to express through the show, Alex Face says “After all these years, we are now in a state of stillness, it looks peaceful, nothing’s moving but we aren’t going anywhere either… Everything looks beautiful, with a bunch of beautiful water lilies, stagnant, and we are sinking in that environment”. Through combining the style of the impressionist art masterpieces that he has always loved with the character vital to his growth as graffiti artist, Alex Face hopes that ALIVE will be a representation of the two different eras within his artistic career.

Alex Face also know as Patharapon Tangruen (b.1981, Chachoengsao) is a Thai graffiti artist with a social message. He seeks to provoke thoughts from his audiences, subtly referring to the looming future and the social politics of Thailand within his graffiti. His street art can be seen in numerous urban areas in Bangkok. His major turning point came in 2009 when he began painting a disillusioned three-eyed child inspired by his new-born daughter. Since the debut of this character, he has been invited to show in many international street arts festivals and has done multiple solo shows in Thailand and abroad.