16.12.2015 - 07.02.2016


#NRCSSM a multi disciplinary show exploring ‘vanity’ in the digital age. With references delving from Greek mythology, super brands and iconic individuals; Beejoir questions the culture of narcissism and it’s sycophantic relationship with social media in contemporary times.

Originally from Devon United Kingdom, Beejoir, Chris Bowden, he has travelled the world and finally settled in Bangkok Thailand where he works as an artist and curator. Beejoir has had various shows in UK, USA and Japan. This will be his first major solo exhibition in Asia as well as his first exhibition in Thailand. Beejoir’s artwork often consists of contrasting juxtaposed imagery, it is easily accessible and give an immediate impact. He often uses gold and/or silkscreen as a medium.

The heart of the exhibition is a towering golden wall in the main gallery. It draws people in and then asks them the question why is it here? The wall in itself is Narcissus’s Pool, the one which he gazed into and fell in love with himself.

The small gallery holds Beejoir’s iconic seen and unseen works.