3001 : PART I – THE DISCOVERY by Dhanut Tungsuwan. Visit site at 3001.online

Dhanut Tungsuwan
“A single member of the crew was mysteriously awakened by the ships computer. It had detected another promising world on the way to its original destination. To explore or not to explore was a decision not capable of being made by the computer. Although the fact that it was flagged as a potential candidate was enough evidence for one to realize that the answer would be to visit if it were to make the decision. Continuing the exploring tradition and curious nature of human beings, David choses to head towards this world. Compromising the success of the mission and potentially failing the original objective.”
In a far distant future, David embarks on their three thousand and first exploratory mission. Unbeknownst to to him this would change the course of his fate forever. These are the surroundings that the main protagonist team leader David Lawyer remembers whilst landing on this strange planet. These images are taken directly from his memory. These landscapes are amongst the first images we see get to see from the MEMORY MACHINE onboard the vessel carrying the explorers.
Following the tradition of world building through stories and paintings, Dhanut Tungsuwan is currently working on a short story following the mission and adventure of a team of eight explorers led by David Lawyer, the first protagonist we get introduced to. These six paintings are an introduction into this world. The three thousand and first one that the explorers visit. The 3001 project by Dhanut Tungsuwan is an on-going project departing from MEMORY MACHINE exhibition in 2020 at BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY and starting with the 3001 website, www.3001.online

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