Paradise? – Marmosets, Chulayarnnon (Live set) and Nuh Peace (DJ set) with Clouds – 360° Virtual Club

Virtual Opening Party for Chulayarnnon Siriphol’s Give Us A Little More Time

Sunday June 21, 2020
21:00–22:30 hrs UTC +7 (ICT/BKK Time)
at Clouds – Virtual Club

21:00–21:30 | PARADISE? special performance (live set) by Marmosets and Chulayarnnon Siriphol with 360° virtual space by Clouds

21:30–22:30 | CAPITALARCHY DJ Set by NUH PEACE

Hosted by Clouds – Virtual Club x BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY

You are invited to the virtual paradise and interactive installation collaborated between Marmosets, Chulayarnnon Siriphol, and Clouds. The sonic creation by Marmosets is an interpretation of Siriphol. Chulayarnnon’s exhibition titled Give Us A Little More Time which connotes a sense of time, ambiguity, rhythm, and repetition, resulting in a virtual party for everyone, anywhere in the world, to share the same experience.

The concept of paradise, an ideal world in Buddhist cosmology, has been devised as political doctrine in Thai society. Chulayarnnon reinterprets this dogmatic idea of a singular paradise, a singular virtue, and perhaps, recreates it into alternative forms or possibilities of a new paradise (?) His artistic exploration on ‘paradise’ is a recurring motif in his works: Myth of Modernity (2014), Forget Me Not (2018 – inspired by the novel Behind the Painting of Sri Burapha), and Planetarium (2018 – a part of Ten Years of Thailand).

From this given concept, Marmosets develops his live set to reverberate deep inside the paradise recreated, and invites fictional characters from Chulayarnnon’s works to be part of the electronic sounds. The indefinite recession of the empty phrase “A Little More Time” is augmented by the ‘modular synth’ to generate a sonic language of loop, lag, and random rhythms.

The live set will be performed at Clouds, a virtual club that reconstructs a 360° space installed with the objects and characters from Chulayarnnon’s video works for the opening party, and followed by Capitalarchy DJ set by NUH PEACE.

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