Grisana Eimeamkamol

Chat Room
17.08 - 11.09.2016


After observing many pivotal but often short lived conversations around art and design surfacing around him, Grisana Eimeamkamol conceived Chat Room as an on-going project with the aim of documenting and archiving these important discourses.  In its first iteration, the graphic designer has partnered with BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY to produce a live production show.  For this, Eimeamkamol invited people to contribute their thoughts, stories and criticisms of the Thai design scene via the open call website  All of these submissions are then gathered by him into a physical archive, where they are printed and published within the main gallery for audiences to read and respond to.  Eimeamkamol wants this to not only act as a platform to broadcast existing thoughts from unheard voices within the design community, but also become a space where further discussions can be initiated.  Ultimately, he hopes that Chat Room can serve as an inclusive study on the current stage of the Thai design scene, and furthermore, its many possibilities.

Grisana Eimeamkamol

b.1991, Khon Kaen, Thailand

Lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand

Grisana Eimeamkamol moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2004 to study in the field of Graphic Design. Upon his return to Bangkok in 2013; He found that the independent art publishing scene here has vanished. Ever since, Eimeamkamol has been take-on discovering, which later pedagogically exposing contemporary art publishing endeavours here in Thailand through the use of various communal means such as ‘Zine workshops’ (2013), ‘DDDDD drawing night’ (2013), ‘Self-Publishing month’ (2015) and ‘CEO Books’ (2014-2015).

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