Four Days in September (The Missing Comrade) by For WhaT theatre
20 - 24.07.2022

In 1932, the People’s Party brought to Thailand a revolution that changed the country’s absolute monarchy to democracy. Many years later, a group of friends gather in September to celebrate the birthday of an old ceiling fan in their apartment. Someone has disappeared into thin air. The apartment is tangled up in information overload and nonsensical conversation. Someone who resembles the missing one returns. In the middle of the rapid change from the outside. In just the blink of an eye, the present becomes the past.
For What Theatre’s สี่วันในเดือนกันยายน | Four Days in September (The Missing Comrade) explores the span of thirty years of Thai history through various kinds of disappearances. The play displays the life of ordinary Thai people that have been forced to stay blind and silent for so long.
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Founded in 2014, by Wichaya Artamat, Sasapin Siriwanji, and Ben Busarakamwong who were already active members of other theater troupes, For WhaT theatre is a playground for experimenting with performance-making. Their work has taken multiple forms: spoken play, documentary theater, puppet theater, performance art, photography, video, and installation. Besides diversely dealing with the problematic and complex nature of the Thai society and politics, For What Theatre also strives to question the concept of “theater” itself – a term around which in Thailand’s context seems to have fixed, unaffectable values.

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Bangkok, Thailand 10120

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