14.07 - 26.08.2018


RootTech™ is a company founded and conceptualized by the artist, and its name implies nodes of botanical organism which resonates a contemporary condition people all share. RootTech™ company is aimed to explore a mode of production, a notion of space, and human identity in relation to a digital technology. It is a venture to find multiple possibilities by using various processes to generate diverse forms and narratives. RootTech™ exhibition at BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY will operate as a semi-process/ semi-output space, where a gallery space, a clubbing space, and a greenhouse are incorporated as a means to invite visitors to examine a relationship as well as a conflict of social production.

Teeradakorn’s idea of the exhibition derives from a study of conflict in the society where humans live in a state of perpetual conflict because of competition for limited resources. An inquiry concerning a mode of production is an attempt to understand its socio-political structure in order to explore how to advance towards other alternatives. On the other hand, the conflict could be seen as an engine of change that potentially opens for more possibilities to diversify a mode of production.

In RootTech™ exhibition, Teeradakorn sets up a club space where humans, sounds, bodies, technologies, and histories are intermixed. He is particularly interested in the data formulated by club culture, so he conceives these data to build a club space which functions together with other elements. With help of new digital technology, it allows people to access to realities which were once beyond our reach. In consequence, it affects how a space is defined and perceived and the limited resources may also be challenged.

Along with a notion of space and its socio-political implication, Teeradakorn uses sound as a metaphor to explore human conditions and interactions. As data, sound from his personal archive which he has been collecting from his day-to-day internet consuming for years. He carefully selected, deconstructed and recomposed these ‘information downloading’ sounds before finally rearranged and installed them within the clubbing space. The modified soundscape that he recreates in the exhibition reproduces how each person perceives and consumes the world through emotions and feelings, and how the already adapted sounds, or altered data, are the source that affect on who we are or who we will become.

The main gallery is operated like a social production in which space that all elements are interrelated. It becomes a pattern, a system of relationships born within the exhibitionary space. At the same time, the front gallery is transformed into a retail shop selling RootTech™’s own products: a collection of ‘Subcore-flex’. The cracked glass of ‘Subcore-flex’ resonates its molecular quality of what the substance carries. People can see through the transparency of the glass, but cannot really go beyond it; the boundary is drawn. Once the data is transmitted in forms of sounds, however, it breaks this boundary and break down its being. As human beings, we are totally affected by data that immerses into our bodies, and this data definitely shakes us to the core. Like the cracked glass, our identity is fragile, it’s never solid.



b.1991, Bangkok, Thailand

Lives and works in Bangkok

Tanat Teeradakorn interested in how to put into relation human beings, space, actions and data. His love in music and sounds provide him a strong base in his practice where sounds are usually his main medium. While working as a graphic designer, he also works on self-initiated projects, looking into today’s cultural production. His personal research is transformed into, for instance, publication (Displacement, 2016) online media (Dance Non-Stop Mix, 2015-ongoing) and live performance/exhibition (Dance Non-Stop Mix at Cartel Artspace, 2017). Teeradakorn is currently doing his personal studies on sound and visual culture which inspires him to develop interdisciplinary works by experimenting through various processes with media, digital information, time, spatial conditions, globalization, politics, economics and contemporary technology are among his main subjects of interest.

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