BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY is proud to unveil PASSCODE , THE DARK DAY a solo exhibition by the intrepid artist Chanida Voraphitak. Running from May 18, 2024 to June 29, 2024, the ambitious exhibition weaves a narrative of environmental redemption and reflection within a pseudo-scientific universe, piloted by the dualistic Ka-Fai angels. Visitors are beckoned to traverse a world rich with allegory, where healing the scars of urbanization and pollution is paramount. This presentation marks the artist’s first exhibition with BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY.

Over the course of a year, Voraphitak has meticulously blended illustration with painting to construct a series of works that transcend traditional media. The result is a constellation of painting, digital prints on fabric, sculpture, installation, and Virtual Reality (VR) pieces that offer a visceral adventure through a world bristling with technological excess.

At the heart of Voraphitak’s exhibition is the concept of anthropocentrism, where the Ka-Fai characters—ethereal guides with forms inspired by an array of animal spirits—serve as a nexus between her art and her immediate everyday environments. Influenced by the creative synergy with her husband and the inquisitive spirit of her son, these relationships play an integral role in shaping her outlook of the world. Moreover, the exotic pets that share their domicile have served as muses for her; their movements and interactions provide numerous opportunities for the artist’s exploration of their nature and its complex interspecies relationships. Through her eyes, her reptiles and dogs transcend their roles as mere creatures of Earth, becoming emissaries that carry a profound ecological message.

The narrative of the PASSCODE , THE DARK DAY extends beyond the ethereal, confronting the tangible crisis of technological waste. The exhibition casts a spotlight on the lifecycle of our digital existence—from the seemingly innocuous act of posting on social media to the grim reality of electronic waste dumps in impoverished countries around the world. In its exploration of the stark contrast between the digital artifacts we leave behind and their heavy toll on natural landscapes, the exhibition makes apparent a new kind of pollution that connects every smartphone to the hands that sift through discarded tech.

Interactive elements invite visitors to actively engage with the scenes, embodying a journey into a hollow Earth filled with secrets. The mystical number 23, revered by Voraphitak as her talisman, materializes as a warrior angel among four main Ka-Fai characters, beckoning the viewer into the heart of the narrative.

PASSCODE, THE DARK DAY expands beyond an exhibitionary experience, marked by the much-anticipated return of HIGHLAG. After a hiatus since 2018, the Nonthaburi-based experimental music duo reignites their blend of ambient, post-dubstep sounds, sampling from a diverse tapestry of hip hop, jazz, and 80s/90s cultural echoes. Their performance will be presented alongside the release of merchandise and a detailed artist’s book. Ming Panha’s talk, “Demons in the Orchard: The Nonhuman, Nature, and Fictionality,” and other programs invite deep engagement with the exhibition’s reflection on our digital footprint’s environmental impact.

Voraphitak invites us to reflect on the echoes of our digital existence and its unseen toll on the environment. Through a fusion of art and pseudo-science, the exhibition encourages a contemplative dialogue on the symbiosis between technological progress and natural stewardship. As the journey within the gallery concludes, audiences are prompted to carry forward an awareness of our intertwined destinies, urging a mindful coalescence of innovation with ecological harmony.

PASSCODE , THE DARK DAY  by Chanida Voraphitak will be at BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY (Sathorn Soi 1 – near Lumphini MRT station Exit 2 – parking at 123 Parking). The exhibition will run from Saturday May 18, to Saturday June 29, 2024 from 13:00 to 18:00 (Closed on Sundays to Tuesdays and holidays). For more information, please contact


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