Alex Face FRAGILE exhibition at Art Porters Gallery in Singapore on July 2 – September 9, 2020

The beauty I see in flowers, may be because of its fragility. ​​When I trim and thread a garland, I do it delicately, being careful not to bruise the petals, not to bend or break the stems. ​​While handling these flower petals, I come to realize its fragile beauty, my touch becomes gentler. ​​More cautious and aware, I sense its delicate beauty. ​​We may also feel this way when cradling a baby, ​​holding something tiny, this fragile thing in our hands, supporting it with the strength of every muscle, with an embrace as light as cotton. ​​We keep doing this, until we realize that both beauty and youth are short lived. ​​From then we relax our muscles, we just hold it and sway along with the rhythm of the song. – Alex Face

Fragile solo exhibition by Alex Face runs from July 2 – September 6, 2020 at Art Porters Gallery, Singapore.


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