BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY participation in Art Basel Online Viewing Room ‘OVR Portals’ from June 16–19, 2021.

BANGKOK CITYCITY GALERY is pleased to participate in the latest iteration of Art Basel’s Online Viewing Rooms, ‘OVR: Portals’.
A ROOM, WHERE THEY ARE COEVALs [PRECISE AT A DIG SITE DOOR] showcases new developments in the form of sculptures and digital videos by young Bangkok-based artist Nawin Nuthong. The online viewing room proliferates from one branch of his ongoing project THE IMMORTALS ARE QUITE BUSY THESE DAYS, presented at BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY in early 2021.
In A ROOM, WHERE THEY ARE COEVALs [PRECISE AT A DIG SITE DOOR], Nuthong delves deeper into the ‘Threshold’ – gateways leading to the coalescing of multiple realities and hyper-realities – conceptualized by the artist. The presentation emerges from an imagined conversation between Nico Robin, the archaeologist from Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga, and the two guardian lions that accompany Sagat in the Street Fighter video game series. In this narrative populated by pop-culture characters, Nuthong blends reality and fiction in his examination of the establishment of Rattanakosin kingdom in 1782 and his speculative reconstruction of grand narratives of the past.
Through the online viewing room, Nuthong proposes new avenues of interrogating and understanding the world, especially through the realm of media archaeology. Paying particular attention to ideas of scale and distance within the simulacrum, his examination of these basic concepts of measurement in a media-mediated contemporary world unravel larger questions pertaining to global value exchange systems and the very basis of accounting for value itself.
Art Basel ‘OVR: Portals’ launches on June 16, 14:00 hrs CET and remains live until June 19, 24:00 hrs CET, with public days running from June 17 to 19, 2021.

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