Skateboard series by Alex Face. September 18–October 31, 2021

BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY presents a new body of works executed on skateboard decks by Alex Face. Created while on a trip to Khao Lak, a small surf town in Thailand, the diversity of skin tones observed by the artist on the beaches led him to ruminate on divisions drawn across human societies based on skin color alone. 

Through the creation of these works, the artist sought to express his sentiments pertaining to prejudices drawn along racial lines, a topic of global concern that should be paid greater attention. While contemplating the dichotomy of good and evil and its association with black and white respectively, his recognition of a gradient of shades prompts his advocacy for the embrace of diversity.

Regarding every skateboard deck as an individual portrait, the artist has imbued each piece with unique characteristics reflective of different moods people experience. With each distinctive piece coming together harmoniously, the series of work imagines a united human race regardless of race, creed, and color.


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