18 Monkeys Dance Theatre

18 Monkeys Dance Theatre presents RED PETER, a live dance performance at Bangkok CityCity Gallery. The performance is a mixture of contemporary and traditional dance inspired by Franz Kafka’s Ein Berich An Eine Akademi, in which the protagonist Red Peter, a monkey, describes his loss of true freedom in the midst of gaining acceptance and recognition in the human world. In choreographing the performance, 18 Monkeys Dance Theatre’s director and house choreographer Jim Chompee draws from the protagonist’s journey in learning how to behave like a human; the show explores the concepts of animalism, absurdity and evolution.

This creation project 2016 with Korzo is made possible by the Kylián Foundation in the Netherlands. Premiered in 19 June 2016, Kozo Theater , Den Haag.

Dancers: Nicharee Khawsam-ang, Krittin Kiatmetha, Anucha Sumaman and Benjamin Tardif

Choreography Costume and Setting design: Jitti Chompee

Project manager : Sirithorn Srichalakom

Light Designer : Jirach Eaim sa-ard