Tanatchai Bandasak forages. He journey to sites bearing archaic traces and he roams anonymous urban, suburban and industrial spaces. Sometimes he searches online for strange object types. His foraging in physical and online spaces is at once purposive and random. In his artistic process, the objects he gathers become things suspended between states of dysfunction, discard, trace and transition. The objects originating this exhibition range from a spout from an earthenware vessel to the hull of a dugout boat.

For his solo exhibition, Bandasak disorientates the white cube of BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY and proceeds as if to make a cave-installation of art-things. The spaces becomes an enclosure, yet is exposed, exposing, perhaps an opening. A NEW CAVE invites us to consider how the artist works with things and space to gestate another life, an other life, an afterlife.

13/3 Sathorn 1
South Sathorn Road
Thung Mahamek
Bangkok, Thailand 10120

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