Don’t Clap for the Rehearsal
09 - 11.10.2020


Don’t Clap for the Rehearsal is a 3-day event, from 9 to 11 October, enacting an epilogue of To Whom It May Concern, a project initiated by Judha Su in 2017. The programme dances around speeches and written texts, a method of ‘rehearsal’ is used to unfold the works through acts of reciting, speaking, performing, writing, and printing.

During the course of the 3-year project, To Whom It May Concern sometimes morphed or sometimes shifted into multiple bodies of work. Its epilogue is thus to recollect the remains and to reassess the positional relationship—between thickness and sharpness, detachment and intimacy, solitary and collective.


13:00-19:00 *publishing as commons*
THE REPUBLISH by Future World Assembly
The next thing you know, this world is falling apart; the reality of yesterday’s systems of governance crumbles and the ruling bodies disintegrate (in the air, their ideas that once controlled you no longer exist). Looking left to right, you and your friends gather, grab, and hold onto the surrounding remains to rearrange them into numerous ‘methods’ of building a new world. What kind of world do we collectively desire and dream of? What lives in this new world? History will not repeat itself. We must assemble our bookshelves, documents and media resources as tools for the growth of our generation and the next. We must continue to imagine that what we hold in our hands does not belong to any individual who claims the absolute right over it, because that right belongs to everyone in the experimental thinking ground of The Republish. Information, ideas and dreams scatter and seep through your body; they are the transformative power that lingers in the air and touches those who can perceive them.
Short background of New World Assembly
New World Assembly is formed by a group of young graduates making a space for learning and exchanging ideas around arts and their relevant knowledge. Their first project ‘Shession’ is a 6-week study group designed by Judha and organised by Speedy Grandma. The result is an activity called ‘THE REPUBLISH’ as part of Don’t Clap for the Rehearsal.
10 OCT
13:00-19:00 *publishing as commons*
THE REPUBLISH by Future World Assembly
(See description for 9 October)
13:00-17:00 *discussion*
Tour-long Ensemble
A public conversation firing 3 different topics back and forth:
1) Modes of art production — Where does it all begin? , the modes of art production and its entanglement with other aspects in the society.
Rubkwan Thammaboosadee
Thanavi Chotpradit​
Napat Vatanakuljaras
Nat Setthana
Thanawit Anekvorakul
Pongsakorn Yananissorn
2) Assembly and negotiation — Oh, could we ever be together? The potential of assemblies and the art of negotiation.
Sustarum Thammaboosadee
Chatchai Pumpuang
Cattleya Paosrijaroen
SATARANA collective
Judha Su
3) Arts and cultural policy making towards a new infrastructure — How to dream and dream, and make it into reality? A demand for new methodologies, and a way to implement it into policy.
Penwadee Nophaket Manont
Varis Likitanusorn
Vorakorn Ruetaivanichkul
Adjjima Na Patalung
Sasapin Siriwanij
11 OCT
13:00-19:00 *publishing as commons*
THE REPUBLISH by Future World Assembly
(See description for 9 October)
13:00-19:00 *story casting*
Remain to be seen by Puangsoi Aksornsawang
The ‘casting’ of characters in a film’s pre-production process is adapted into the ‘casting of stories’. As a director and screenwriter, Puangsoi is interested in the tone of voices as articulated through acts of storytelling, speechmaking, typing, performing, in movement, silence and stasis. Both the draft and the body act as the carrier and message. This ‘casting of stories’ works with the ‘drafts’ of a text in anticipation for something new; a new voice, a new energy. Instead of looking for actors, this process listens for the possibilities when the contents are read aloud by each new body that arrives and the different perspectives they bring. The results of this casting will be developed into the ‘drafts’ of other works in the future.
14:00-16:00 *announcement & gathering*
WORK ‘chod’ by Rap Against Dictatorship
rant rant rant *more information will be available on the event’s poster soon.*
17:00-19:00 * performance*
Apostrophe by Paopoom Chiwarak
Three dancers are in their comfort zones, and experiments with unknown and unfamiliar experiences. The questions that arise are: what does it mean to touch and tether, and in what gestures do these things occur?
Apostrophe — a grammatical symbol for omission — invites us to explore, revise and magnify the things that eludes our perception. We tend to forget, overlook, fail to imagine or connect with, or simply be unconcerned with the sentences where we find ourselves dispossessed of our own subjectivity. At that point, we find that we cannot understand the spaces that exist beyond our own perception.

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