Miti Ruangkritya

15.10 - 27.11.2016


Dream Property interrogates Bangkok’s rapid urbanization, specifically the nature of property development and its affect on the city.  This show includes 3 series of works from Dream Property, a project that Miti Ruangkritya started in 2014, focusing on the transformation of the Bangkok’s cityscape, parallel to the development of its mass transit systems.  Through this, Ruangkritya examines the relationship between Bangkok’s growing urban spaces, the nature which they consume and the individuals that they surround.  Dream Property also features 3 new site-specific works displayed at the front of the gallery – made in response to the location of the gallery in Sathorn, a major commercial district occupied by skyscrapers, offices and upscale condos.

Miti Ruangkritya

b.1981, Bangkok, Thailand

Lives and works in Bangkok

A nobility of beauty can provoke a disturbing reality, Ruangkritya’s work has proven its capacity when audiences are put in the middle of beautiful ordeal. Raised in the UK, and returned to Bangkok in 2010, the artist noticed the city’s increasing urbanization and started documenting its rapid changes. He has produced immaculate photography focusing on the urban city, its development, and impact. A subtle sarcasm has also informed his commentary work on politics.

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