Nowhere Special
22.05 - 04.07.2021


BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY is proud to present Nowhere Special – the second solo exhibition by Thai contemporary artist Tae Parvit at the gallery. The new body of work introduces developments in Tae’s painting practice while intimating his process of creation.

Although often working off preparatory sketches done on paper, his completed works emerge bearing the hallmarks of an abstract expressionist style of painting – calling attention to his improvisation skills across mediums, materials, techniques, and subject matters. Amidst the repetitive phrases and shifting layers within and between his paintings, Tae imbues a sense of movement to the works, recalling his longstanding penchant for the creation of hand-drawn animations. Delicately balancing counterpoint and harmony, the paintings also conjure a sense of rhythmic melodies that parallel his fondness of working to music.

Drawing inspiration from the sights encountered on numerous road trips around Thailand, abstract expressive landscapes and sceneries take centre-stage in Nowhere Special. Yet Parvit goes beyond the representation and depiction of these sites alone and imbues his paintings with the élan of these places as well. In doing so, he offers opportune moments for the vicarious encounter of these spaces, as modulated by his artistic sensibilities. Employing a wide range of mediums such as oil, acrylic, and spray paints, as well as charcoal, oil pastels, and pencils in the execution of his works on linen and paper, he renders images collapsing the boundaries between painting and drawing. With a sensitive approach towards color and movement, he saturates each work with a compression of spaces, times and stories. As a result, Tae Parvit elicits within audiences a seemingly synaesthetic experience – setting the mood and ambience for encountering otherwise unexpected associations.


b. 1993, Bangkok, Thailand

Lives and works in Bangkok

Tae Parvit expresses abstractions of reality through a myriad of means. Though practicing predominantly as a painter, his creative output has spanned numerous genres. Taking inspiration from personal experiences and the world around him, he draws viewers into realms of colors that meld varied ideas. With his self-taught approach to the use of colors, scale and composition, he draws audiences into a multi-sensorial environment generative of communal spirit and fellowship. Tae Parvit has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in both Thailand and abroad. His practice is represented in private collections around the world.

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