ขอเชิญร่วมชิมเส้นเล็กหางวัวพริกย่าง อ.ฮุษณี


THEY TALK: ขอเชิญร่วมชิมเส้นเล็กหางวัวพริกย่าง อ.ฮุษณี
Sunday, October 27, 2019, 13:00-15:00 hrs

Bring your own bowl!

“I used to go around telling people that I would open a noodle shop selling oxtail rice noodle soup topped with grilled chili. It was a recipe I came up with while going to school a few years back. My wife, a girlfriend at the time, enthusiastically agreed and fully supported the idea.

This does not include grilled chicken shop that I wanted to open because, after a life of traveling to at least three continents and sampling grilled chickens everywhere, I came to realize that no one could grill chicken like I could. Juicy grilled free range chicken with muscles that you could chew with tamarind and sweet rice wine briefly pickled with roasted chili sauce. My wife could eat a chicken and a half a day. True story.

Back to oxtail rice noodle soup topped with grilled chill, at this tasting, we are getting oxtails from three places. One is Wagyu from Nong Khai. One is free range halal tails from the field of Min Buri. Last few tails are from Australia. We are cooking the broth for eight hours with a touch of salted Pacific King Mackerel from Gulf of Thailand as base. The rest of the ingredients are omitted here but will be talked about during tasting. IMPORTANTLY, YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN BOWL (ceramics or not). As a part of this tasting event, we are expecting to see each other’s bowls that we each brought from home so we can see how relatable are our objects made from certain materials in life. More, in our continent, noodles are mostly accessible to all as in it is the people’s dish and as doors for other simple yet profound subjects perhaps. Like I said in the beginning, with this tasing event, I also want friends to taste the dish and give honest suggestions on what’s good and not so good about the dish for future reference as if the opening of my noodle shop will ever come closer to true. Trial and development period that is.” – Dusadee Huntrakul

* Language in Thai and English
* Free admission

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